Oval Sb/foamposite 6mm Wide Sports & Boot Laces 220cm

Purple Oval Sb/foamposite 6mm Wide Sports & Boot Laces 220cm


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Oval laces are the revolutionary new lace for Sport / Boots and sports shoes. These laces are oval with a strengthend gut and stitched sides, making them stronger and more durable than other types of laces. Made from high quality polyester and mixed fibre providing non-slip technology. These black oval laces are 6mm wide and available in three lengths - 114cm (to fit Sport / Boots with 7-8 pairs of eyelets); 152 cm (to fit Sport / Boots with 8-10 pairs of eyelets); and 220cm (to fit Sport / Boots with 10-12 pairs of eyelets). Our laces are made to the highest standards and quality control.  We hand band and wrap our laces to maintain exceptional quality throughout production. 


See our size guide for help with getting the correct length, the simplest way is to measure the lace you are replacing and purchase the nearest.

We have been making laces since 1989 and they are available from most leading footwear retailers and high street shoe repair shops.


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