Shoe String Insoles Memory Foam Blue Cts

Shoe String Insoles Memory Foam Blue Cts


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High Density Memory Foam Insoles.

Mould to the contours of your foot, giving support just where you need it.

Shoe-String Memory Foam Insoles fashion themselves to your unique foot design and shape with every step you take. They remember your feet when you where them. Wear them for all types of daily activity - work, play, leisure and dress.


Self Forming - insole fashions itself around your unique foot shape.

Memory Rebound - is a unique type of memory foam that remembers your foot imprint for better support with each step you take.

Better Support - Better form to your foot means better support and comfort.

Directions - Cut around guide lines to fit into your shoes. Wear daily. Occasionally hand wash in warm water with mild soap.

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