Kaps Odour Eliminator

Kaps Odour Eliminator


Product Code: K90020


Kaps Odour Eliminator 100ml is a highly effective odour eliminator for the interior of your favourite footwear. Nobody likes to have a smelly pair of shoes, it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Kaps Odour Eliminator is your convenient, perfect sized freshener to keep at home or on the go. Kaps Odour Eliminator will help you regain your confidence by using active silver nanoparticles to kill bacteria and absorb odour. The innovative silver nanoparticles ensures the smell is not just covered, but completely eliminated, keeping your feet fresh for longer. Kaps Odour Eliminator guarentees freshness for long periods of time, and are great for your everyday footwear or sports shoes. 

Instructions: Simply spray into the inside of your smelly footwear, for long lasting freshness and a new boost of confidence.


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