Heaven Step Gel Long Sole Shoe Redo

Heaven Step Gel Long Sole Shoe Redo


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Heaven Step are a long gel insole with innovative air comfort for pressure relief and cushioning. These insoles provide heel to toe comfort, and are the perfect accessory to add to your favourite pair of heels.

Heaven Step absorbs and cushions the shock, which can refer into your legs and knees when walking which can have consequences in future. You can now walk confidently without the pain we often feel when wearing heels!

Polymer gel is not only lightweight, but revolutionary ~ They give the wearer the feeling of 'air comfort' and are so discreet, you will hardly notice they are there and not ruin the elegance of your footwear. The special stick gives you non slip and the assurance that these will never fall out or accidently stick to your feet (embarrasing!), confidence restored!  

One pack includes 1 pair of Heaven Steps, for one pair of heels or sandals.

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