Luxury Super Soft Goat Hair Brush

Luxury Super Soft Goat Hair Brush


Product Code: VBGM


Goat Hair Fine Soft Brush - Medium

Softest natural Goats Hair Polishing brush creates a stunning shine to the finest of leathers. The soft, velvet-like hair is gorgeous to touch, and highly effective in polishing your leather goods after applying your chosen polish.

The benefits of using a Polishing brush

Polishing Brushes have been used for hundreds of years. Dating back to when shoe shining was first established, the standard horse hair brush has been updated to Goats hair to create an even more luxurious finish. Once the polish has been applied with a cloth, the specialist goats hair works beautifully with the leather and polish, to create a stunning shine and long lasting sheen with the smoothest of applications. 


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