Gel Doctor Flosole Insole Magnet Large Green

Gel Doctor Flosole Insole Magnet Large Green


Product Code: GDF1002


Gel Doctor Flosole Magnet Green (Large 9 - 13)

Gel Doctor Flosole are quite simply, a cushion for your feet! Enjoy a massage with every step you take with Gel Doctors Innovative Flosole Magnetic insoles. The impregnated 'BioMag' within the insole has been proven to help relax tissue, thus keeping your feet comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. When your feet are relaxed, they not only feel better but they also work better - helping your whole body feel fresh, comfortable, and ready to take on the day

WWhat Benefits Do Gel Doctor Flosole Magnetic Insoles Offer?

Gel Doctor Insoles have an endless list of benefits. They not only give a new lease of life into you favourite (but uncomfortable!) footwear, but the specially formulated liquid gel, provides ongoing relief and a constant soothing massage with every step. These Gel Doctor Insoles have a special 'magnet' impregnated within the insole which has been proven to help tissues relax. Not only does the magnet make your feet at ease and feel more realxed, but they also have been proven to help with balance and circulation. Overall you feel more relaxed and comfortable within your own feet which makes for a happier, more healthy you! 

- Absorbs shock when doing all activities (Walking, jogging, running)
- Impregnated magnet to soothe and encourage foot tissue to relax
- Liquid gel moves to compliment the contours and shape of your feet for ultimate comfort
- If your feet are cold - warm insoles in hot water for a comforting warm feel
- If your feet are warm - cool insoles in fridge for a refreshing fresh feel
- Anti Slip base for a secure fit
- Choice of colours to compliment your style

Who Should Wear Gel Doctor Flosole Insoles?

Not only do Gel Doctor Insoles have numerous benefits, but they are also extremely versatile. They can be used in any shoe, of any size, and of any colour! They are especially beneficial for the following:

- An individual who needs feet to relax and ease pressure
- Brilliant for everyday use
- Uncomfortable footwear which needs a new lease of life
- Somebody who needs relief from painful shoes
- That 'taking your shoes off after a long day' feel with your shoes on!
- An individual who would benefit from a constant massage throughout the day

 (Small = 2.5 - 5.5, Medium = 5.5 - 9, Large = 9 - 13) . Simply choose your size category and simply trim for the perfect fit.

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