Sneakers Gel Cleaner

Sneakers Gel Cleaner


Product Code: K9004


Kaps Sneaker Gel Cleaner 100ml is the perfect product if you are looking to clean and protect your favourite trainers. Kaps Sneaker Gel will make your footwear look as good as new, with its advanced formula and unique consistency. To be used regulary, Kaps Sneaker gel will not only clean your footwear but also protect from further dirt and mud stains. Very easy to use (and quick!), Kaps Sneaker Gel Cleaner comes with a built in applicator head, thus making it great for on the go and perfect to keep in your kit or gym bag. 

Instructions: Simply apply Kaps Sneaker Gel Cleaner to the affected area, and work into a light lather/foam - Focusing on areas with stains/ground in mud. Leave for a couple of minutes and then remove with a damp cloth. 

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