Famaco Universal Cleaner

Famaco Universal Cleaner


Product Code: F1438





Leather cleaning solution that provides effective, deep, effortless cleaning for all types of leather.


·         Liquid is safe to use on all types of leather and faux leather


·         Cleans leather and easily removes embedded dirt


·         The leather cleaner achieves incredible results with little effort.


·         Perfect for cleaning leather furniture and leather car interiors as well as shoes and boots


·         Always test on a hidden area for colour fastness of your item


·         Allows a more precise please in tough to reach places such as corners of upholstery due to its intensity


Universal Leather Cleaner is suitable for use on all leathers. This can used with a Suede brush on  Suede & Nubuck. However, for these, we recommend using the Vel Vel Suede and Nubuck Cleaner.




As a general guide, we recommend cleaning your leather five times a year.




Before applying Universal Leather Cleaner, be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly. Apply the product to a cloth or brush and apply to leather, making sure the targeted area is damp from the cleaner for best results. To clean, rub in circular motions and then allow to dry.


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