Famaco Sport Shoe Shampoo Cleaner

Famaco Sport Shoe Shampoo Cleaner


Product Code: F1443


Famaco Sport Shampoo

Famaco Sport Shampoo is a cleaner for all types of leathers and textiles, specifically tailored to clean your sports shoes.

The benefits of Using Famaco Sport Shampoo

This Famaco Sport Shampoo will effectively remove any stains, dirt and dust from your favourite sports shoes, including football and rugby boots.
Famaco has tailored this highly effective Sports range, to target those stubborn mud marks and stains on your outdoor shoes, making the Famaco Sport Shampoo your go to cleaning product.

How to use Famaco Sport Shampoo

Famaco Sport Shampoo comes in a specially designed applicator bottle, making applying the cleaner easier than ever.
- Simply shake the Famaco Shampoo and apply the cleaner directly to the targeted area to remove any dirt or stains
- Leave the product to dry for roughly 15 minutes
- On stubborn stains, use a brush to tease the stain and apply the product again
- Wipe off the remaining product with a damp cloth. 

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