Famaco Protector Waterproof

Neutral Famaco Protector Waterproof


Product Code: F1530


Famaco Waterproof Protector 250ml is an easy to use spray which repells water, mud, and oil. If you buy a pair of shoes, the dissappointment you feel when you head out in the rain and they start to leak, or a child accidently spills food on them can now be avoided. Simple elements which people sometimes do not realise, such as sun damage, can ruin a pair of shoes. Famaco Waterproof Protector will stop the sun damage, the water damage, the mud stains and the dirt splatters. It is a must have item for any household!

Instructions: Famaco Protector can be used on all materials. Simply hold the can 15cm from the material and spray. Leave to dry, then you are free to enjoy the rain!

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