Famaco Patent Conditioner

Neutral Famaco Patent Conditioner


Product Code: F1452099


Famaco Patent Conditioner in Neutral, is a highly effective liquid which is to be used on all patent and synthetic leather materials to soften and prevent cracks. Patent leathers can often crack with wear and use which you will often see on handbag handles and ladies heels. To avoid this, Famaco Patent Conditioner is your go to product. To prolong the life of your favourite heels, shoes, handbags satchels, simply condition with Famaco Patent and you will immediately see results.

The patent will be soft, supple and left with a high shine leaving the material looking as good as new.

Instructions: Famaco Patent Conditioner comes in a small bottle and is to be applied with a cloth. Apply one coat to the whole material to keep supple. If area is already cracked, focus on that area with 2 coats with drying time inbetween.

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