Famaco Multi (all-in-one)

Famaco Multi (all-in-one)


Product Code: F1318


Famaco Multi, is a multipurpose spray which can be applied to ALL materials including suede, patent and leather. Famaco Multi is an all-in-one product which cleans, renovates and polishes. It is a simple, quick and easy, multiuse product which is great on shoes which have more than one material - such as boat shoes. A time saver, Famaco Multi works with just a few sprays. It cleans the material by removing dirt and dust, whilst refreshing the colour and repelling future stains, scuffs and mud.

Instructions: Remove dust and dirt with a Famaco horse hair brush. Stand 25cm away from the material and spray in short bursts over the shoe, being careful to not overspray. Leave Famaco Multi to dry for roughly 10 minutes, then finish with a second brush to freshen.

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