Famaco Creme Delicate Leather Conditioner

Brown Medium Famaco Creme Delicate Leather Conditioner


Product Code: F1447022


Famaco Medium Brown Creme Delicate is a highly effective Leather Conditioner which cleans, conditions, and gently softens leather. Famaco Creme Delicate contains Carnouba Wax which nourishes and protects leather, whilst refreshing the colour. Creme Delicate is perfect for furniture, handbags and other small leather goods which are in need of refreshing. Its a great product to use regularly to keep the leather supple and restore the new feel.

Instructions: Shake before use. Apply a small amount of Famaco Creme Delicate to a clean cloth, and apply to your chosen leather in small circular motions - being mindful to not overuse the product as a small amount goes a long way. Once you are finished applying, leave to dry. If you wish for a high shine, buff with a polishing cloth for a long lasting shine.

(Tip: This product is great on your leather seats in your car!)

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