Famaco Leather Revive Clean & Shine

Famaco Leather Revive Clean & Shine


Product Code: F1335



Leather Revive


Liquid conditioner for amazing leather restoration. This cream softens and revives old, tired leather that has become hard, brittle and dry. Also this is fantastic at removing stains and watermarks


·         Suitable for all types of leather


·         Extends any leather items functional life


·         Cost effective alternative to purchasing replacements for old leather items


·         Removes watermarks and stains


Leather Revive is a rich cream-like product that revives older leathers that have become hard, brittle and dried out.


When applied to leather, the product penetrates the surface, coating the fibres with a balanced application of natural oil making the leather much softer.


By applying Leather Revive, you can soften the leather enough so that it doesn’t crack, which not only makes a repair last much longer but provides greater comfort when used.


This product can be used independently or it can be used during the restoration process to soften the leather before making any repairs or applying colour or finish.




*Remove dust from the leather with a cloth. Shake the Revive Bottle and apply a generous coating of the Leather Revive to the leather and massage it in and allow to dry. For best results and help soften old leather, cover the leather with cling film to allow a deeper penetration. Proceed to buff the leather to a shine. However, if the leather requires further softening, repeat the process again.


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