Famaco Eco Gel 50ml And Protector Spray 150ml

Famaco Eco Gel 50ml And Protector Spray 150ml


Product Code: intF14311


Famaco Eco Gel


Eco Gel is a cleansing gel for soft and delicate leathers. In a glass 50ml jar, Famaco Eco Gel smells fresh and not chemical. Eco Gel is a soft, gel-like formula and very easily applied. It cleans and conditions whilst softening the leather keeping it soft and supple. It is the perfect partnership for your handbags and leather shoes as it restores the shop fresh feel. Famaco Eco Gel can also be used as a leather softener, keeping the material supple and soft, whilst cleaning light dirt stains and marks. A must have product for hangbag lovers!

Instructions: With a clean cloth, apply a small amount of Eco Gel in small circular motions to leather. Be mindful that less is more with Famaco Eco Gel and you will see maximum results with a light layer of the product. Leave Famaco Delicate Gel to dry and if needed, buff to a high shine. 

 Famaco Eco Waterproof Protector 150ml is an easy to use Pump action spray which repells water, mud, and oil. If you buy a pair of shoes, the dissappointment you feel when you head out in the rain and they start to leak, or a child accidently spills food on them can now be avoided. Simple elements which people sometimes do not realise, such as sun damage, can ruin a pair of shoes. Famaco Waterproof Protector will stop the sun damage, the water damage, the mud stains and the dirt splatters!

'A must have item for any household!'

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