Heute Elegance Couleur Shoe Shine Machine

Black Heute Elegance Couleur Shoe Shine Machine


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Heute Elegance Couleur

The Heute Elegance Couleur is perfectly suited to both domestic and commercial settings, blending seemlessly into the background rather than being an eyesore on your interior space. The Elegance Couleur shoe shine machine is available in various colours to match its surrounding decor. It also has an elegant, ergonomic shape making it easy to use and stylish rather than a cold and sharp piece of machinery.

This shoe polishing machine offers a fantastic finish for shoes and boots whilst also not compromising on the finish of your interior. For complete peace of mind, the Heute Elegance Couleur is supplied with a three year parts warranty (excludes wear and tear) ensuring that your machine will continue to operate at its full capability for years to come.

The elegance couleur measures just 36cm in height whilst its considerable weight ensures it remains perfectly still whilst polishing your footwear. 


Elegance Couleur Shoe Polishing Machine

The Heute Elegance is a compact, powerful and versatile machine. Available in various colours, the case is made from coated steel and measures 50cm x 30cm x 36cm (L x D x H). It boasts one polish dispenser with stainless steel ball valve and is made up of the following:

  • 1 Horsehair Pre-Cleaning Brush
  • 2 Wool Yarn Polishing Brushes

Key Information

  • Weight: 16kg Net
  • Weight: 18kg Gross
  • Power Supply: 230 Volt
  • 1200 rpm
  • Starter Sensor With Timer (Touchless)


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