Easy Lace Rubber Laces No Tying Just Stretch Flat

White Easy Lace Rubber Laces No Tying Just Stretch Flat


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Silicone rubber stretch laces, individual pieces of lace that stretch between the eyelets in your shoes, varying sizes for the perfect fit.

The benefits of using Easy Laces

There are many benefits of using Easy Laces: -
- No presure points, the laces stretch 
- No more tying of laces simply stretch to put on and take off your shoes 
- Durable and easy to clean
- Simple choice for making tye ups in to slip on shoes 
- Easy application

How to use

Empty contents and starting with the shortest piece simply add from the base to the top of the shoe.  Once in place you never have to touch again.

We have been making laces since 1989 and they are available from most leading footwear retailers and high street shoe repair shops.

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