Dye Paint For Leather Shoes Bags And Jackets With Sponge And Brush

Dye Paint For Leather Shoes Bags And Jackets With Sponge And Brush


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Famaco Dye Liquid dyes both natural and synthetic leathers. The Dye is suitable for shoes, bags, Jackets and textiles. Liquid Colour Dye has the ability to cover small leather defects resulting from scratches and scuffs on footwear and leather accessories. Dyes and restores the color permanently. Repels water. Does not crack or chip. APPLICATION Stir the bottom of the bottle of dye with the paintbrush. Apply paint with the brush on hard-to-access areas. Then, apply some dye on the sponge and rub gently in a circular motion on the shoe surface to be dyed. Apply more dye on the sponge if necessary. Continue this process until the sponge will be almost dry. Once the first coat is dry apply a second coat by repeating the steps so that the colour evens up. Apply a third coat, if necessary. Does not work with nubuck and suede. Recommended: Before dyeing leather use Decapant or clean it some cleaning liquid


  • VERSATILE DYE: Quality dye for natural and synthetic leather and textiles. Suitable for shoes, bags, other leather accessories
  • RECOLOUR & SCRACTH COVER: Leather paint ideal for athletic shoes - boots - jackets - purses - tack
  • COMPLETE KIT: Comes with a handy brush and application sponge
  • WATER RESISTANT - our long-lasting colouring formula is water-resistant to help endure tough conditions
  • COLOUR MATCHING - our vast catalog of colours ensures that there's a colour suitable for your needs




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