Polyester Yeezy Cord Laces Shoe/sport/boot 5mm 114cm

Purple Polyester Yeezy Cord Laces Shoe/sport/boot 5mm 114cm


Product Code: D14152


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DM round cord laces are sure to jazz up any footwear and are perfect for Dr. Marten footwear. Made of a mixed polyester weave, DM cord laces come in a variety of vibrant colours. Black DM Cord is available in lengths 75cm, 90cm, 114cm and 140cm so can be worn in both boots and shoes with a number of eyelets ranging from 5-6 (75 cm) to 8-10 (140cm).


See our size guide for help with getting the correct length, the simplest way is to measure the lace you are replacing and purchase the nearest.

We have been making laces since 1989 and they are available from most leading footwear retailers and high street shoe repair shops.


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