Shoestring Crocodile Print Scented Insoles

Shoestring Crocodile Print Scented Insoles


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Shoe String Crocodile Print Scented Insoles

Shoe String Crocodile Print Scented Insoles are a cushioned, perforated air cushion insole to provide comfort and a long lasting, fresh scent. These insoles are in a funky, crocodile print and are the perfect insole to accompany a poorly fitting shoe.

What Benefits Do Shoe String Crocodile Print Scented Insoles Offer?

hThese insoles are made from a perforated soft latex cushion, which allows for not only comfort, but breathability too. They cushion the sole of your foot whilst providing a fresh, long lasting scent to mask the odour of perspiring feet. Get the spring back in your step with these insoles!
- Perforated layer for breathability and freshness
- Clean, Fresh long lasting scent
- Great to assist in the sizing of a poorly fitting shoe
- Thin, soft and cushioned for ultimate comfort
- Funky, Crocodile Print design
- Excellent value
- Great for everyday use

Who Should Wear Shoe String Crocodile Print Scented Insoles?

These Scented, Crocodile Print insoles can be used for any type of customer as they not only cushion the sole, but they allow for breathability and a fresh long lasting scent meaning they are extremely versatile. They're a great every day insole thanks to their comfort, affordability and durability. Particularly, they're great for:
- Everyday wear (work shoes/casual wear etc)
- Somebody who would like a fresh smelling insole
- Feet which need additional comfort
- Someone who is looking for a funky looking insole!

How To Trim Your Insoles

These cut to fit insoles can be trimmed perfectly to fit the shoes you intend to use them in. To get the perfect fit, follow our simply, step by step instructions. - Remove your existing insole and place it on a sheet of plain paper - Trace around the existing insole and cut it out to show the exact size - Place the cut out on top of your new insoles and cut them to size accordingly - Check the fit in your shoes and remove to trim further if necessary - Your new insoles should fit snugly and not move around inside the shoes

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