Heute Cosmo Plus Shoe Shine Machine

Silver Heute Cosmo Plus Shoe Shine Machine




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The Heute Cosmo Plus is at the very top of the Cosmo range with a vertical handle and integrated activation button for simple use. The additional bar made from highly polished stainless steel make the Cosmo plus look even more aesthetic than the smaller Cosmo version. The modified design changes the function: an ergonomic contact button integrated in the bar starts the machine for as long as the user pushes it down. Moreover, the handle bar provides a secure hold while using the machine and prevents that nearby walls will get stained from users touching it while balancing on one foot. The Cosmo plus enjoys great popularity in households with a raised standard of living, smaller hotels, boarding houses or offices looking for a decent but reliable shoe shine service with elegant design. Dimension: 60 cm x 42 cm x 95 cm length x depth x height Polish dispenser: 0.75 l with ball valve Brushes: ø 13 x 7 cm diameter x width Weight: 16 kg net, 20 kg gross Starter: on the bar Power supply: 230 volt (110 volt optionally), 130 watt, 1200 rpm

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