Cl Belts Leather Lizard Cut To Length, Select Colour

Cl Belts Leather Lizard Cut To Length, Select Colour


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33210001 CL Belts Leather Lizard Black £44.00
33210030 CL Belts Leather Lizard Dark Brown £44.00
33210005 CL Belts Leather 35mm Lizard Grey £44.00
33210004 CL Belts Leather Lizard Navy £44.00


CoLlins Quality Leather BELTS

CL Belts, luxury craftsmanship 100% satisfaction or your money back.  Italian luxury leather unisex belts. CL Belts fuse this time-honoured craft and contemporary design with functionality and fashion. Our handmade leather belts are both durable, supple and long lasting. CL Belts encapsulates a style that complements the business look whilst still remaining relaxed for weekend wear. Designed by Caroline Lucy Collins all CL belts are handmade and custom made to your specific size.


THE PERFECT FIT with every belt

- unscrew the belt keeper with a screwdriver 
- cut off the excess length of leather with a stanley knife and re-pierce a new hole in the leather with a hole punch. Alternately your local repair shop will often do for free.

- re-thread the leather into the buckle and screw the belt keeper shut.

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