How to avoid smelly feet and smelly shoes

This blog post will help anyone who has ever suffered from smelly feet (just about everyone at some point!). Wearing your shoes for a couple of days in the warm weather around your local city, walking and exploring… but coming home to find your feet and shoes smell rather bad.

A lot of modern shoes do not offer much breathing, especially formal leather shoes, so we’ve created this short little blog post to tell you how you can keep your shoes clean and fresh.

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. Woly Shoefresh

Sit back, relax and enjoy…

Our best advice to avoid smelly feet is to not wear your shoes more than once in 2 days. Example, if you wear your shoes on a Monday for work, don’t wear them Tuesday, but you can wear them Wednesday!

It’s also worth mentioning that a fresh pair of socks and clean feet are also the cornerstones of avoiding bad smells but sometimes smelly feet can be harder to avoid. Reason for this? General moisture, fungi and sweat (yuck!) won’t dry out properly if you wear your shoes without adding the correct protection. You need to let your shoes air out with nothing more than a shoe tree to keep their shape before wearing them again.

Keeping the exterior of your shoes clean will also help keep smells away. Breathing holes in the shoe should be clear and any mud or general dirt could dry and hold moisture, which will also create a smell.

If you shoes still continue to smell, we can recommend using Woly Shoe Fresh 

How to cure smelly feet

Woly Shoe Fresh for smelly feet

Woly Shoe Fresh in use

Woly Shoe Fresh in use

We’ve had this product in stock for the last 10+ years and we’ve always been extremely impressed plus happy to advise it to anyone who has the smelly shoe problem!

A very simple yet effective product that can give you the confidence to wear your favourite shoes once again. We find that thousands of people search for shoe odour sprays every month with the summer months cure the problem with this spray.

Woly Shoe Fresh is small but mighty! 125ml will last quite some time, as you only need to give the shoe a quick blast of the product to kill bacteria and have you shoes smelling the way they should be.

The shoe-deodorant has been developed using Nano-technology and contains silver ions to achieve long-lasting antibacterial and antifungal effects. The ingredients attack and eliminate even the strongest of foot odours. Fungi and bacteria are reliably extinguished after just one application and the refreshing fragrance means that shoes are always a pleasure to wear!

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