Woly Suede Care

Ultimate Suede Care

If your suede shoes are in need of a clean then the Woly Suede Colour renovator is the ideal solution, available in a variety of colours to suit all types of shoes you’re sure to find the perfect match.

Suede is an extremely delicate material so it’s vital that you take proper care of it, but even if you think your shoes are beyond repair the Woly Renovator can provide some amazing results. When used to bring life back into shoes you will find the colours become brighter and now have a great protective cover on them. Also the spray is great when used in conjunction with the Woly Suede Brush and protector.

So if you want to get your shoes looking like new then get the renovator spray by clicking the picture below and then have a look at our Woly protector and brush for the complete protection package.

Woly Suede Brush

Woly Suede Cleaner

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