What are shoe trees and how do you use them?

When you spend a lot of money on your shoes (or a little!) you want to keep them looking their best, for as long as possible.

Wearing shoes regularly wears them out because you are constantly placing the bottom of your foot on the ground and bending/stretching the upper material of the shoe everytime you step. Combine this with the shape of your foot, which isn’t perfectly shaped and you can see how your shoe will go out of shape.

Placing shoe trees in your shoes will keep them in shape and looking newer for longer. We deffinetely reccomend shoe trees for leather shoes; formal, brogue, loafer or driver.

Shoe trees offer a very inexpensive way to keep your shoes in shape as they quite simply push in and pull out of any shoe.

Hugo Boss trainer with Shoe Tree

Hugo Boss trainer with Shoe Tree

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