If you love your bag – love MY BAG

Love MY BAG!

No one wants to take their brand new bag out in the rain and have the colours or materials damaged.

This is why we have specifically developed the new MY BAG range, which includes items that can be used to both revitalize and protect your bags.

 The first product is the MY BAG  pro

Handbag care range

tector, this is a waterproofing spray that can be used on all materials, three light coats and your bag will be completely protected from all the weather life can throw at it.

 Secondly is the MY BAG spa treatment, this is like a luxury balm for your bag, that nourishes and conditions, preventing cracks from appearing. New to the range now are MY BAG spa balms in Brown, Dark Brown, Burgundy and Navy as well as Neutral.

Finally, MY BAG perfect gel is a neutral cream is applied in a thin coat that removes scuffs or marks that can make your bag look dated. Also, because of the creams neutral colour, different bags can be treated without the worry of discolouration or damage.

New to the range now are MY Dye Scuff and Scratch Renovation Creams. These 15ml highly pigmented creams come in 40 colour range option, that allows you to colour match your bag and touch up scuffs and scratches! In fact, they are so good, they allow you to completely re-color your leather bag if you wish!






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