Using Woly Combi Cleaner and Crème Essentielle Leather Balm

Have you got dirty, tired looking shoes? With the Woly Combi Cleaner and Crème Essetielle you can revitalise your shoes. 

The Combi Cleaner with Citrus power is a magical mousse cleaner!! Which cleans, cares for and impregnates all smooth and rough leathers, suede, fabric satin and synthetics. Removes mould,salt and water marks from leather as well as dirt. Should be used before using polish on any footwear to remove any salt residue that could attack the leather.

The Crème Essentielle leather balm cleans, moisturises and nourishes all leather material. Leaving your shoes soft and looking like new! 


What you’ll need:

Old pair of shoes

Woly Crème Essentielle Leather balm

Woly Combi Cleaner 


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How to use Woly Combi Cleaner:

Shake well and hold can upright. Apply to sponge or clean cloth, scrub marks off first, then treat entire shoe. Polish smooth leather and brush up suede with a brush or cloth. 


How to Use Crème Essentielle Leather Balm:

Apply with a clean cloth and allow to dry, then polish to achieve maximum shine.



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