Up-cycle your shoes with fluorescent shoelaces and dye creams

We’re in the Spring/Summer for the fashion world and making a statement with bright and bold colours is definitely a key feature, this season.

Fortunately, we have an ideal way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank, our Fluorescent Laces and Coloured Dye Creams are a simple way to make an understated fashion statement!

Part One – Up-cycling with Dye Creams 

Do you have a pair of shoes that have seen better days or do you have a local charity shop where you can pick up a pair on a budget? A great way to create a trendy look with a modern edge is to take these worn out shoes and use our Famaco Dye Creams to give them an on-trend look. With bold colours en-vogue, why not use the Famaco Pink Lady Praline Dye Cream to give your shoes a facelift?

Simply strip the leather with Famaco Decapant and then apply two or three coats of the Dye cream in colour of your choice.

Dye Cream

Famaco Dye Cream

Recolour Shoes wit Famaco Dye Cream

What a Transformation!

Part Two – Fluorescent and  Neon Laces 

Bold colors, especially, Neon are making a comeback. Why not try a pair of neon colored trainers to really bring attention to you whilst maintaining a key summer style feature.

Green Neon Sneaker Laces

Green Neon Sneaker Laces

Pink Flo Sneaker Laces

Pink Flo Sneaker Laces

So why hesitate, even for those on a tight budget one little lace can turn your outfit from bad to fab!

Neon Lace Gift Set

Neon Lace Gift Set

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