Ultimate Sneaker care with Famaco Sneaker Range

Whether you got a new pair of sneakers over Christmas and want to keep them in good condition or you want to prolong the lifespan of a favourite pair of old trainers – there is one thing that you need… the Famaco Sneaker Range.

The Famaco sneaker range contains:

Sneaker shampoo, whitener, deodorant and waterproof protector.

Look at the results these have had on an old pair of All Stars

Trainer Cleaning

  All Star Sneaker restoration

trainer cleaning

All Star Sneaker restoration

  1. Firstly, shampoo with the Famaco Sneaker Shampoo, the shampoo comes with a bristle nozzle that allows both easy application of the mouse and swift cleaning, refreshing the colour of old and tired looking shoes.
  2. Apply the Famaco Sneaker White liquid to white areas and sole.
  3. Spray Famaco Shoe Deo inside, this gives long lasting freshness to your sneaker and fights foot and shoe odours.
  4. Finally, spray Famaco  Protector, which repels muck, oil, water, and fading from the rays.

Items from the range are available individually but for the whole kit, follow this link


Trainer cleaning kit

Famaco Ultimate Sneaker Kit

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