How to Clean Suede

At Shoestring we often get clients telling us that their customers want more information on how to look after their shoes, so we thought we’d give you some tips!

Suede is more delicate than leather, and can react badly to the English weather, so it makes sense that you’ll get lots of questions about it.

caring for suede with woly and shoe string



What you’ll need:

Combi Cleaner


Schwamm Sponge

3X3 Protector

Suede Brush

Suede Velour Spray

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Step 1) Give your suede a much needed dust with the Woly Schwamm sponge. You might not realise how much dust has settled into your suede material until you go over it with a clean sponge. Schwamm uses the same technology developed by fire fighters when cleaning smoke damaged properties. The sponge attracts dust and helps restore the original quality of the suede. Give your suede a good once over with your sponge before moving onto step two.


Step 2) Give the Combi Cleaner a bit of a shake before you use. Spray directly onto your Cleaning Sponge. Rub straight onto your suede material, Combi Cleaner is great for multiple materials so if you get it on any leather don’t panic. If you have any stains on your material, rub the Combi Cleaner in small circles in the affected area.


Step 3)  If the suede has become stained there are several products that can help. Woly Suede Gum will get out even the toughest stains – rub it directly onto the mark and then brush through.


Step 4) Once your suede is clean you can revamp the colour by using Suede Velour spray. Simply find the closest colour to your shoes and spray from a 25cm distance.


Step 5) Leave your shoes to dry for thirty minuets then spray 3×3 protector onto your shoes to finish them off. This will keep them safe against rain, salt and grease.

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