Tips for looking after patent leather

 Caring for Patent Leather

Patent leather instantly makes any outfit look more formal and put together. We’re often asked for tips on how to care for patent leather, so here are some ideas on how to clean shoes using our professional range.

What you’ll need:

Lack Mousse Patent

Soft Cloth

Lack Patent Cream 

Horse Hair Brush



Step 1) Remove fine dust with the horse hair brush. Gently brush all the surfaces on your patent to ensure an even clean.

Step 2)  Use the Lack Liquid Patent to clean the patent and moisturize to prevent cracking in the leather.

Step 3) Use the Lack Mousse Patent. Rub in small circles around the patent leather to ensure it has a deep clean. Use the Lack Patent Cream immediately after to give a great shine and renovate any colour that has saturated naturally over time.


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