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The Art of Polishing

It’s important to know how to correctly look after your shoes. You can you shoe care in a number of ways to make your shoes stand out. A common method of this is polishing. Below is a short guide of efficient polishing.


What you’ll need:


Polishing Cloth

Horse Hair Brush

Application Brush

Protector 3X3
1491 -018 Woly-Dubbin-Black high3075 Collectors Horsehair Brush HighresPolishing cloth1596 Woly Bristle Dauber Brush 11530 Protector 3x3 single





Step 1) Remove all the loose dirt from the shoes by rubbing them with either a brush or damp cloth.

Step 2) 
Remove the shoelaces – keeping them in prevents you from getting an all over clean, leading to a difference in colour across the

Step 3) Put a shoe tree, or some balled up newspaper into the shoe, allowing it to keep its shape. The polish will be able to get into even the parts which are most prone to cracking.

Step 4) Use a stiff brush to apply polish to the shoe, you can use the Woly Application brush for this. Use sparingly, and rub in even circular motions, you can use Woly Polish or Dubbin for this. Take particular care over the toe and heel.

Step 5) Leave the shoe to absorb the polish for around 20 minutes.

Step 6) Use a softer brush such as the Woly Horse Hair brush to buff the shoe.

Step 7) Buff again, but use the shoestring duster. A sawing motion is the best buffing technique for this step.

Step 8) Spray 3×3 protector over the shoes in order to repel any further stains.

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