Summer essential tips for foot care

Summer essential tips for foot care

With a heatwave on us, it is time to pay some TLC to our feet! In this blog post, I am going to cover some summer essentials to combat the heat and stay comfortable!

The first must-have is the Kiwi Foot Silk, this little gem should be on everyone’s shelf!

Kiwi Foot Silk is basically a spray-on talc for silky smooth feet. The invisible silk stocking for bare feet, there are many benefits of using foot silk – it is anti-bacterial and nourishes the foot and allows shoes to slip on easily as well as absorbing moisture. Whether it be heels, loafers or sneakers – don’t be afraid to go sockless this summer! I am a big fan of going sockless and with this, you get to with the comfort of an invisible layer of silk. Say goodbye to smelly feet and blisters!

Woly Cooling Spray – with this heatwave if you have found yourself with puffy hot feet, this little spray will be your best friend! With one spritz, your feet (or limbs) are immediately cool! In fact, as I am writing this in 36-degree heat my feet are cool and fresh thanks to the cooling spray!

Famaco Sneaker Deo is next up on the summer essential list. Sneakers in the summer may be comfortable and cool but they are a hotbed for bacteria and wore worryingly for bad odor! Famaco Sneaker Deo quickly zaps the stench of smelly feet in your trainers. I spritz mine every day my trainers are completely odorless, as are my feet!

Next up is a top tip! Here at FreshStep, we sell a range of gel insoles. In the summer gel insoles are definitely the way forward, comfortable and yet not insulating on the foot – they are a little luxury. Now, I recently went for a phenomenally long dog walk and I really indulged my feet but putting my gel insoles in the fridge/freezer beforehand. As my temperature rocketed and dogs were panting away, my feet remained completely cool and comfortable! A little tip for all your walkers and hikers this summer!

My final product that should be in tour cupboard is Famaco Universal Cleaner. This cleans leather, suede, and fabrics amazingly –  but it is a dream come true for white soles! Apply this to the bottoms of your sneakers or converse and they will come up again dazzling bright white. It really is a little miracle worker. On a side note, I use this for cleaning marks or any little grubby stains off my walls. I really could not advocate this cleaner more! But if you want your kicks looking box fresh this summer this really is the product for you.

Enough form me now – get outside and enjoy the sun and with these products, your feet will be enjoying the heat as much as you!

Summer essentials for foot care in the heat wave







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