Shoe Care and Accessories Brand 2015


We are delighted to inform you that The Footwear Industry Awards have announced that Shoe-String and Woly are the winners of “Shoe Care and Accessories Brand 2015” as voted by retailers.  Companies such as Clarks, BFA (The British Footwear Association), Sketchers and The Society of Shoe Fitters all showed support to the awards this year which projects how large the shoe industry truly is.

It would not be possible for Shoe-String and Woly to win such a prestigious award without the constant support of our loyal customers.

“It was a fantastic surprise and honour for Shoe-String and the Woly brand to win the Footwear Awards brand of the year 2015.  It shows that quality and performance is eventually noticed over the volume brands in the Supermarket  Kiwi, Cherry Blossom and Punch.

The awards are voted for by bespoke shoe makers and retailers.” –  Caroline Collins MD of Shoe-String would like to thank everyone who voted for the brand.

With hard work and dedication to the industry, Shoe-String plan to stay on top and look forward to many more years of quality shoe care. The team has never been more solid and business has never been stronger.  Managing Director Caroline Collins founded Shoe-String 26 years ago and the only way is up as we look forward to another 26 years serving our esteemed customers.

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Shoe-String Winners Shoe Care & Accessories Brand of the year 2015

Shoe-String Winners Shoe Care & Accessories Brand of the year 2015

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