Saddle Restoration Project using Famaco Leather Care (Part 1)

Saddle Restoration Project using Famaco Leather Care

When it comes to leather care I am a real fan of our premium range Famaco.

If you have leather that needs nourishing, maintaining, restoring or renovating, Famaco is the go-to brand.

Recently, I had an old saddle dropped off at the office and thought I would use this tired of hunk of leather to show the versatility and capability of Famaco products.

Every week I shall update you on #projectsaddle with a different stage of leather-care until we have completely restored it!

Week 1 – Cleanse

Least us forget leather is no different to skin. When the saddle first arrived not only was it very dirty (having spent the best past of 15 years in a barn), it was also moldy. It needed a good cleanse!

In my opinion, when it comes to cleaners the best, by far, is Universal Cleaner. On first look it does look amazing, having no have sponge applicators or spray nozzle that you would have come to expect. However, don’t be put off by that, this white liquid is a little miracle worker. Simply apply some to a cloth and rub into the leather. The dirt and grime simply slide away. Also, an added bonus worth mentioning is that it comes in a glass bottle not a plastic one or an aerosol!


Universal Cleaner

Leather Care using Famaco Universal Cleaner on a Saddle


Now as I am leaving it a week before Stage 2 – Leather Revive, I slathered the saddle in Famaco Leather Balm to keep it nourished until next week!




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