Cleaning Nike Trainers

I can’t say that I’m the most pristine person in the world… I run cross country, wear moth hole jumpers and avoid ironing anything at all cost; mostly because I’m busy, sometimes because I just cannot be bothered. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a clean flat, but since leaving the Hotel De Le Mere I’m left in awe as to how she managed to stay on top of everything!

The most heart-breaking problem most people my age face is ruining your high-tops. Nike Blazers are my favourite type of shoe, so it is always necessary to wear a new pair to death. My purple leather high-tops I bought from WellGosh in Leicester were my pride and joy but for the past few months they had met a grave in the shape of the back of my wardrobe.

After learning about the wide world of shoe care I thought ‘That’s all well and good, if I had a new pair of shoes I could look after them’ but when I showed my lifeless purple Blazers to the team, they immediately started colour matching the purple. Using Woly Combi Cleaner to take off the dirt (and believe me, there was a lot of dirt) and rubbing Woly Shoe Cream Purpur on the leather – I watched the team perform lifesaving surgery on my shoes. ‘I need 300ml of Woly Perfect White, STAT!’ – Ok not quite that dramatic, but you get my point.

What you’ll need:

Combi Cleaner

Creme Essential

Purpur Shoe Cream (or a cream to match your shoe)

Cleaning Sponge 

Ultra White Sport

120cm White Flat Lace

Protector 3×3

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1530 Protector 3x3 singleNEW PACK CremeEssentielle Leather Balm-150ml 2

1470318 PurpurSP6099 Woly Sport Ultra White 75ml

Step 1) Remove laces. As with most shoe cleaning sessions, start with Combi Cleaner. This will take all the grease, salt and dirt off the shoe and leave with you clean leather. To use Combi Cleaner, simply spray onto the cleaning sponge and rub into the leather in circular motions until clean.

Step 2) Creme Essential moisturises the leather, dab onto a cloth and rub into leather until you’re satisfied with the level of moisture. Leave to dry for 10 mins.

Step 3) Use the Purpur shoe cream to restore colour and make the leather supple. Dab onto cloth and rub in small circles around your shoe. Try to get an even coat of shoe cream around the shoe and avoid going over other colours – don’t worry too much if you accidentally get some on the logo, you can use Combi cleaner to quickly and easily remove this. Repeat on other shoe until both shoes are evenly restored.

Step 4) Ultra White will restore the discoloured rubber sole of the shoe. This works as a cover up, dab the end of the Ultra White against a piece of paper to get the liquid moving into the sponge. Once the sponge is evenly covered, start carefully using it on the whites of your shoe. If you get the white onto your leather by accident, not to worry – Combi Cleaner can get rid of the mistakes if used quickly.

Step 5) Wait for the Ultra White to dry, once dried stand at a 30cm distance and spray 3×3 protector over the shoe. This will water proof the shoe and protect against salt, rain and dirt in the future. The protective layer is suitable for most materials so you can use it on tents, sleeping bags and other fashion accessories.

Step 6) Finally and simply, thread the lace though the holes.

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  1. Sharon B. says:

    I have the same shoes! I love them! They make my feet feel comfortable and looks so nice on them! Thank you for the nice cleaning advices. Usually I put them in my washing machine but this could ruin them. Thanks again!

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