How To Restore Suede With Suede Dye

How To Restore Suede Trainers & Shoes With Suede Dye

Restoring suede shoes and trainers with suede shoe dye isn’t as difficult as you might think. One of the biggest problems with suede is that it fades when exposed to moisture leaving it looking tired and old. Fortunately thanks to some fantastic products, it’s possible to put the colour back into your suede footwear and get them looking like new again in no time at all.

Post holiday shoes can often look a little worse for wear and these Nikes were no exception. Faded suede and a dirty outer sole left them looking much older than when they were purchased just a few weeks beforehand.


Horribly Faded Suede – Before

Suede Dye Coat 2

Restored Suede – After!

The first step was to give the suede a new lease of life with some suede velour renovator. Woly have a fantastic product for this which is simple and effective. Available in various colours, and at just £5.99 you can find the full range of here.

How To Restore Suede

Applying Woly Suede Velours Liquid

Depending on how faded your suede shoes are, you may need to add more than one coat of Woly Suede Velours Liquid. The liquid gently adds colour before drying and giving a much deeper and fresher finished look. Application is simple, the liquid comes complete with an application sponge on top allowing it to be dabbed onto the footwear and slowly pulled across it to achieve a complete and consistent finish.

Using Suede Dye

After One Coat of Suede Dye

After just one coat of the suede shoe dye the trainers are already significantly darker. Whilst the first coat dries it’s the perfect opportunity to use Woly’s Combi Cleaner to clean up the unsightly outer sole. If you haven’t seen how effective Combi Cleaner is, you can read our previous blog post found here.

Before Combi Cleaner

Before Combi Cleaner

After Combi Cleaner

After Combi Cleaner

With your shoes now looking significantly better than they started, you can add another coat or two of suede dye to really bring the colour back to its former best. Give the initial coat of suede shoe dye plenty of time to dry so that you get a true idea of which parts are lighter than others.

Suede Dye Coat 2

Suede Dye Coat 2

After just 2 coats of suede dye and some Combi Cleaner the end result is a significant improvement over how the trainers started. To really bring the trainers back to their ‘as new’ condition a third and fourth coat can be added but in this case it wasn’t really necessary due to the deep colour already achieved. Just 20 minutes using some Woly Suede Dye and Combi Cleaner and the trainers are a lovely dark red again instead of a tired washed out pink red!

Suede Dye Finished Result

Suede Dye Finished Result

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