How to repair scuffs and scratches on shoes

Whilst most scuffs can be easily covered by a normal shoe cream, some are a little harder to remove. However, with the help of Woly’s wax colour renovating polish, shoes look as good as new for under £5! The polish is available in 15 different colours, so will meet all your customer’s shoe needs.

Start by cleaning the shoe with a material specific cleaner, e.g. Woly’s leather cream cleaner. If the material has been nicked rather than scuffed, try to get rid of the spare material, either by cutting it off or lightly buffing it down. The idea of cleaning and removing excess material is to get the affected area as smooth as possible.

Next, apply the renovating polish. The product comes with a sponge applicator to ensure the best coverage. Apply the polish sparingly, ensuring that it is well rubbed in. Leave the shoes for 20 minutes to dry and then buff to your desired finish.

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