Prepare your customers’ feet for the barefoot season

With many of us anticipating the hotter weather and breaking out our Spring/Summer shoe collections, it is time to ensure that your customers’ feet are in tip top condition.

Woly’s beauty foot treatments work to protect your customers’ feet and shoes.

Silky spray aerosol Woly’s silky spray is a high quality softening spray for those daring to bare their feet. The combination of active ingredients with silk protein gives the foot a soft finish, protecting from rubbing in the shoe as well as keeping feet dry.

Protective spray – Woly’s protective spray gives invisible protection against rubbing in the shoe. The spray targets and soothes those blisters and pressure points created by flip flops and sandals, creating a waterproof and transparent second skin.

Peeling cream– The peeling cream gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells and smoothing rough skin. Mango and peach seed oils soften and moisturise the feet, leaving feet looking and feeling silky smooth.

To find out more about stocking Woly’s Beauty foot treatments, check out our new online brochure here. 

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