Shoe care for bare feet?

Shoe care doesn’t just mean caring for shoes, it also means caring for your feet – even if you are bare footed. With our extensive range of bare foot beauty range, you can look after your feet.





Silky Spray – Silky spray is great if you’re going barefoot. If you want protection, odor control or a barrier between your foot and your shoes this is ideal. To use, leave a 15cm gap between the spray and your foot and apply all over. You can use the spray up your legs to help slide tights on and off. “I use silky spray every time I do any martial arts, it protects my feet from the dirty floor, it isn’t very slippery on the floor so you can still run.” – Laura.

If you have flip flops that rub against your toes, apply silky spray to the effected area. Silky Spray creates a barrier and soothes rubbing in shoes.

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