How To Polish Tan Leather Shoes

Here at Fresh Step we often get customers asking for advice on how best to polish tan leather shoes. We know that tan shoes can be the hardest to know how to polish, so below is our guide on how to achieve great results when polishing tan leather shoes.

Firstly, you’ll need a few items to get your tan shoes looking great. Avoid using an all-in-one instant shoe polish bottle with a sponge applicator, as they are made from silicone and create a shine on the surface of the leather, rather than a deep polish. This can dry the leather out and doesn’t condition or protect it.

How To Polish Tan Leather Shoes – What You’ll Need

Your polishing kit doesn’t need to be extensive. A brush, tin of quality polish and polishing cloth will suffice but for optimal shine and protection you can add a few more items to the list. So if you want to go all out, add the following items to your Fresh Step basket. For a faster shoe shine result you can pick out the polish, brush and cloth.

Remove the shoe laces before you begin and then give your shoes a brush down with your standard shoe brush. Be careful not to brush your leather shoes too harshly and instead just try to loosen any dirt. With a small section of your cloth, wipe down the shoes to remove any surface dust or dirt before we move onto the polish application stage.

Apply generous amounts of brown solid wax polish to the sides of the sole and heel, using the smaller application brush to polish. The wax should fill any gaps and cracks, whilst hardening and dying the edges.

Use the cloth to apply the shoe cream to the shoe – you will need about the size of a pea to cover half of a shoe. Starting at the back and move to the front, keeping the direction of application consistent in order to prevent streaks and patches. Applying a cream will clean and nourish the leather.

Brush the shoe to work the cream into the leather; the harder you brush, the more the friction will warm the leather, which in turn makes the cream work better. Ensure that you use the brush to work in all of the cream, so there is no excess remaining.

Using the horsehair brush, apply the neutral shoe polish, brushing the entire shoe. Use this polish sparingly, as applying too much can leave residue on the shoe which is not immediately visible.

Finally, buff the shoes with the clean cloth. This is easiest when the shoes are actually on your feet as you need both hands and a lot of pressure to do a good job.


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