Old Leather – mend and make do

In this time of increased frugality and thriftiness, don’t waste you money on buying new, instead, mend and make do! this not only applies to shoes but all leathers, including clothes, furniture and bags

Here at Fresh Step we specialize in leather care and treatments. In this case, I am going to show you how simple it is to breath new life into an tired old shoe.

The shoes in question are years old, however, instead of throwing them away I thought I would used some of our miracle products by Famaco to give them a facelift and extend their life for one more season!

Firstly one needs to deal with the leather. Leather is a skin, and like our own, when tired, old or cracking needs a good moisturise. The Famaco Raviv ‘ Cur is both an cleanser and intense nourishing treatment for the leathers. Simply apply to the surface of the leather in circular motions and let the tired leather drink this up!

Once dried and the leather is supple and refreshed it is time to take a closer look at the damage. This shoe was so old and tatty that it was not matter of a bit of spit and polish – it needed total recoloring. Famaco Leather Dye Creams are fantastic for this and come in over 40 shades of colour. I have decided to take these tan scuffed shoes down to a deep dark chocolate brown. Simply, apply Famaco Dye Cream in Brown in circular motions and build up the colour. Finally I used the Famaco Brilliant Magic in shade Brown and applied this to the leather for a dark brown tint with a high shine finish.

Before and after leather dye

Famaco Leather Dye on old shoes – before and after



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