MY Bag – handbag care, the perfect stocking filler!

When indulging in an expensive leather bag this Christmas, an often forgotten accessory and perfect stocking filler is leather care! Leather care lengthens the life of the holdall, wallet, bag, jacket or shoes while also keeping it looking pristine.

With out further a do let me I let me introduce our MY BAG range of of  luxury handbag care products! Perfect for genuine leather and faux leather.

Caring for your handbag has always been a task as you aren’t 100% sure which products to use, but we’ve created a fantastic range of products designed to clean, protect and restore.

Product range available to view here: Products

So, what’s in the range?

. Spa nourishing balms (available in 6 colours). This cream is perfect for quickly and easily ‘refreshing’ and deeply nourishing your leather. Applying the product with one a cloth is the easiest way. Rub the product in to your bag (don’t worry if the colour isn’t 100% match, this isn’t a dye product) and it’ll add moisture to the leather, protecting it and leaving it supple.

. Renovation dye cream – his miracle dye cream is perfect for when you’ve damaged / scuffed your bag and you need to touch up the colour, equally good for scuffed shoes!

Perfect Gel is a gentle cleansing and  conditioning gel for leathers. Especially suited for matte and natural leathers, leaving the leather smooth, supple and conditioned.

. MY my Bag Protector Spray – an all round water and dirt protector which repels snow, mud, moisture and rain. This product is for everyone and anyone who owns bags and shoes that face the elements – literally three applications completely guard and protect!

Universal Cleaner

Intensive cleaner for use on stubborn stains and before using renovation dye cream.  Always test on a hidden area, for delicate cleaning use MY BAG Perfect Gel.

Fine Tip Brush & mixing pot

Applicator brush for fine detailing and renovating dye cream mixing pot.  Blend colours for the perfect match.


Special Care product for Synthetic & Patent leather (pleathers). Removes finger marks and smudges from the surface whilst nourishing to prevent cracks. Maintains the supple feel of the leather and intensifies colour tone and shine.

So if you are indulging a loved one this Christmas period with an designer bag or leather goods this Xmas, indulge the leather with this perfect stocking filler – which both protects, nourishes and lengthens the life of all your luxury leathers!

A designer bag is not just for Xmas it can be for lifetime. Look after it with my bag leather care


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