Looking after leather shoes

Fine leather shoes will pep up any outfit, and with proper care, will last you a lifetime. Follow these simple steps to ensure you get extra mileage out of your leathers. Here is a quick guide to looking after leather shoes. As Shoe String provides a vast collection of leather care, it can be difficult for your customers to know which product should be used for what purpose. Here is a guide to our leather cleaning products and how best to use them.

What you’ll need:

Horse Hair Brush

Combi Cleaner

Cleaning Sponge

Shoe Cream*

Creme Essential


3X3 Protector*

*These products are not essential but will give you a 'like new' finish

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Step 1) First of all, you’ll need to remove the laces out of your shoes if you have any. This will make cleaning them easier and more efficient. Spray the combi cleaner onto the cleaning sponge and rub all over the leather. Don’t worry if there are other materials on the shoe, Combi Cleaner is for a combination of materials. Make sure you give all of the leather a good cleaning before moving on.

Step 2) Leather is an organic material. What happens to your skin if you leave it to dry? It cracks, so you need to moisturise your shoe like you moisturise your skin. Creme Essential impregnates the leather deep enough to put moisture back into the organic layers. This stops any further damage to the leather making it more supple and healthy. Take a tab of Creme Essential and rub over all the leather until you’re satisfied with the moisture.

Step 3) If your leather is coloured, you can renovate the colour with our extensive range of shoe creams. Blacks, browns, white, purples, reds, blues … you can mix two together if you’re feeling artistic! This works in a similar way to Creme Essential, it impregnates and restores the suppleness of the leather and the pigmentation of the cream revitalizes the colour.

Step 4) This step can be an alternative to step 3. If your shoes are black or brown, you might prefer to use traditional dubbin.  Apply dubbin to horse hair brush and in a forwards and backwards motion, apply the dubbin. This helps waterproof the leather and gives it a nice shine.

Step 5) Waterproof your leather. Protect your leather from the elements by spraying 3×3 protector. The spray repels water, salt and other harmful things that will slowly ruin your leather over time. The extra protection means your leather will last longer before it needs another clean.

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