Leather Care

Leather Care

If you own premium leather goods then you will be all too aware that cleaning them can be both challenging and worrying, the fear of damaging your favourite handbag or changing the colour of your watch strap is enough to make people completely disregard cleaning the items themselves completely.

However, Wolys premium range of leather care goods combined with some common shoe care items can be the answer. Keep reading on to discover how to have your watches, handbags and shoes looking as good as new.

Step one is cleaning the items and the Woly Leather Balm is the ideal product to clean, condition and nourish your leather items. Simply apply an even coat onto your item and massage in with a clean cloth, allowing the product to restore the leathers natural look and feel, even after years of damage.

Woly Leather

After allowing your item time to dry the next step is to polish the item, and using a product with a high pigment count is vital to a successful clean. Woly have developed the ideal product to do just this, the Woly Leather Shoe Creams, unlike a standard shoe polish that coats the item the Woly cream penetrates the leather to bring out the original colours.

The final step is to buff to a desired shine, and the two stages of doing this are staples of leather care. Firstly buffing the shoe with a high quality shoe brush, this allows for any excess cream to be removed and the natural abrasion helps to create the original shine effect of the item. The final step to restoring and cleaning leather is water treatment, and don’t worry this is not a complex procedure, you will simply need to apply some droplets of water and massage across the shoe with a cloth, this increases the shine of leather and prepares it for everyday use after the cleaning process.

So to find all of the essential items to clean your leather goods simply click the links above and add them to your basket, and once they arrive consult this guide to make your leather look as good as it should!

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