Leather care and caring for the planet

We are pleased to announce that at Fresh Step we are firmly putting our best foot forward into a more Eco-friendly world!

Single use plastic is a colossal threat that is facing the globe on a terrifying scale (we were horrified to learn that there is more plastic in the oceans than stars in the milky way). With this in mind, I am pleased to announce that all our shoelaces will now arrive banded in paper and no longer in plastic shrink raping. Furthermore, we are bringing out newer ranges of laces with metal aglets and have converted to paper carrier bags!


We are also pleased to announce that all our Famaco Cream polishes now will come in glass jars with tin lids, replacing the plastic screw tops, and we are now stocking a fantastic new Eco range by Famaco!

Famaco Eco Gel is a cleansing gel for soft and delicate leathers. In a glass 50ml jar, Famaco Eco Gel smells fresh and not chemical, using extract of cedar oil. Eco Gel is a soft, gel-like formula and very easily applied. It cleans and conditions whilst softening the leather keeping it soft and supple. It is the perfect partnership for your handbags and leather shoes as it restores the shop fresh feel. Famaco Eco Gel can also be used as a leather softener, keeping the material supple and soft, whilst cleaning light dirt stains and marks. A must have product for hangbag lovers!

Also new to our Famaco range is Famaco Eco Waterproof Protector 150ml  this is an easy to use Pump action spray which repels water, mud, and oil. If you buy a pair of shoes, the disappointment you feel when you head out in the rain and they start to leak, or a child accidentally spills food on them can now be avoided. Simple elements which people sometimes do not realise, such as sun damage, can ruin a pair of shoes. Famaco Waterproof Protector will stop the sun damage, the water damage, the mud stains and the dirt splatters! Also we are happy to confirm that this packaging is made from recycled plastic!

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few more of our environmentally friendly products:

Shoe-String cork insoles are a great replacement insole for your shoes, made from natural cork, not plastic or synthetics. Alternatively they can be used on top of the existing insole for increased comfort, or to take up that little bit of excess space in a shoe. The insoles can be trimmed for the perfect fit. Thin and flexible these insoles can be replaced when worn to protect the sole of your shoe.

Copper Heelers are a holistic approach to target the pains which are linked with copper deficiencies, such as rheumatic aches and pains – including arthritis. The simple, easy to use Copper Heeler has transformed lives and are a highly effective, natural way of reducing symptoms. With hundreds upon hundreds of positive testimonials, they are now being examined by the National Health Service and may one day be available on the NHS. Copper Heelers are revolutionary and it is no exaggeration when we say that they have transformed lives. Arthritis is the UK’s biggest, single form of physical disability and affects over 9 million people of all ages every year. Copper is an essential trace mineral which is present in all body tissues. Copper, along with iron helps in the formation of red blood cells, and helps in keeping with blood vessels, immune system and healthy bones and has also been used for thousands of years to treat wounds and more recently, prevent inflammation.

We are trying to do our bit for the planet, we hope you do to!






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