How to Lace Your Sport Shoes

Lacing your sports shoes properly can help make your shoes or boots feel more comfortable, hold your heels firmly in place and even stop laces coming undone as easily. It also lowers the risk of injury such as twisting your ankle. Most people think that the lacing method that has already been done by the manufacture is the correct way to wear your laces.

Before you change your lacing method on your sports shoes or boots, make sure that you change your worn out laces. This makes sure that your laces won’t break under pressure.



What you’ll need:

Polyvelt Cord Laces (Black POL75012 , Brown POL75022 , White POL75032

polyvelt thick twisted cord group


Step 1) Begin by going straight a cross the inside and out through the bottom eyelets ( or next ones up depending on the amount of eyelets you have).



Step 2) The left end runs straight up through the next eyelet, then across to the opposite eyelet in the inside of the shoe.



Step 3) The right end comes up through the eyelet and misses one, going in the eyelet above.



Step 4) From here both laces alternatively run up the outside of the boot missing one eyelet every time.



Step 5) The laces should end up the top and second from top eyelets.


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