Funky and Fashion Lace Spectacular

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It doesn’t matter what type of shoes you own, they will never look their best without a quality pair of laces. Luckily here at Shoe String we have a fantastic range of laces consisting of everything you could ever need. Keep reading on to discover some interesting facts about our range and what type of lace you need to look fresh!

Red Cord HighresThe classic

The round plain lace is the true gentleman of the lace world, he fits inside anything and always looks great doing it. If you have a pair of dress shoes that need sprucing up then look no further than this style, available in such a wide range of colours if you can’t find a match then you must be buying your shoes from out of this world!

The Beast

The flat plain lace is another popular lace that we stock, he’s the older brother of the round plain but he ate all the pies at dinner time. Perfect for slipping inside a pair of trainers for a classic look or great in a pair of running shoes to keep things tight.

The Professional

If you are looking for show stopping sophistication and style then our wax laces are a match made in heaven. Available in a great range of colours put these into any type of shoes and you will be amazed at how they can revitalize your footwear.

The Fashionista

Want to look Faaabulous? Then you have to look through our range of fashion laces, everything from camouflage and animal prints to a jolly looking Santa Claus! Be ahead of the curve now.

The Mother Ship

Lace dispenserSo now you’re thinking “I wish I could stock all of these amazing laces!” well, now you can. Our brand new lace dispenser sits beautifully on any counter top and allows your customers to see just how many different types of laces that they can buy!

4 comments to “Funky and Fashion Lace Spectacular”

  1. Andrew Lee says:

    What laces would you recommend for smart black leather shoes? The different sizes are a little confusing.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Andrew,

    There is a link below to a lace that will be great for your shoes as well as a size guide that should help you out.

  3. I really like the look of that dispenser, and I’m sure my customers will as well, who do I need to talk to get one?

  4. admin says:

    Hi Steven,

    We’re all glad you like it, it took a lot of hard work! If you call in on 01858 467 467 we can help you out.

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