Insoles for the summer

Summer shoe care and accessories are so important when you’re putting your winter boots back into the wardrobe. You’re probably wearing last years summer shoes that smell a bit musky from neglecting them during the winter, right? The awkward bottom of the wardrobe musky smell everyone knows a bit too well from ill-stored shoes – a scent too familiar. Don’t worry, once you get over pulling your shoes out the bottom of your shoe bin, we have a great tutorial on how you can look after your feet for the summer.


What you’ll need:

Silky Spray

Odour Stop Insole

Shoe Fresh

ShoeRedo Grip Tight

ShoeRedo Heaven Step 

Heel Stoppers


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Grip Tight – Grip tight is essential if you’re wearing heels a lot this summer. Don’t you hate going to weddings and having to stiffen your legs and try not to slip over in your new stilettos? Simply peel and stick grip tight onto the bottom of your heels for extra adhesive friction against the floors. Polished wooden floors are a problem of the past.

Silky Spray – An easy one to use and you can carry this around in your purse. Don’t want to wear tights? Simply spray silky spray on your feet from 15cm away and leave to dry for a few second. Slipping tights on and off becomes simple as your skin feels…well… like silk! Use to create a layer between your skin and sandal to stop friction rubs.

Shoe Fresh – Like a deodorant for your shoe. We all know our feet get that little bit sweatier in the summer, socks or none, your Vans will always have that summer stink smell. Woly Shoe Fresh neutralists odours instantly. Simply spray in your shoe and off you go.

Odour Stop – These insoles compliment Shoe Fresh. If you have a particularly strong odour from your feet (no shame, we all do!) you can step up your game by using Odour Stop insoles. This insole is made from 100% cotton on top to absorb sweat. Charcoal is activated to increase comfort whilst stopping the odour.

Heaven Step – Those heels aren’t forgiving, but you can make the night less painful by wearing Heaven Step. The extra gel cushioning takes the pressure away from the balls of your feel, meaning your feel will feel more comfortable for long periods at a time. Ideal for keeping in your purse so you can slip them in and our any time you need.

Heel Stoppers – As seen on the BBC, heel stoppers are fantastic at weddings, races and parties. Heel stoppers stop you from sinking into soft mud when you’re wearing your best heels. Protect your heels for longer by keeping a pair of these in your bag or hand them out to your guests if you want you protect your wooden floors.


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