Independent Woly Shoe Care Product Review Confirms Products Do Really Work

Shoe-String Ltd was lucky enough to be approached by an independent product reviewer to test out some of our great Woly shoe care products.  Now we know they’re great and do an absolutely brilliant job when it comes to cleaning and polishing shoes and boots, protecting them from the lovely English weather and making them smell fresh and wonderful.  But you’d expect us to say that wouldn’t you.

So imagine how delighted we were when we received Sophia’s glowing comments and her recommendation that they are definitely worth the buy.  

Sophia Shah is an online, independent product tester and reviewer and has already tested and reviewed some very well known brand products, including L’Oreal, John Frieda, Boots, Oral B, Olay, Vaseline, Revlon …. the list goes on.  Please visit her website at www. to see the Woly Reveiw, read more about her work and have a look at Sophia’s other product reviews.  You can also read Sophia’s Woly Shoe Care Product Review below.

Sophia tested: WOLY Shoe Fresh, Woly Combi Cleaner, Woly White Liquid & Woly Protector 3 X 3

I received WOLY Shoe Fresh, Combi Cleaner, White Liquid & Protector 3 X 3 for free in return for a review.

Firstly I am going to be reviewing WOLY Shoe Fresh. Out of all of the four products, I could not wait to try Shoe Fresh on a pair of shoes. Shoe Fresh is a type of air freshener for shoes. So I took the dare to smell a pair of trainers that belonged to my husband and truthfully they did not smell so bad but they still had a shoe smell if you know what I mean. I popped open the lid and sprayed deep into the trainer. I could not believe the smell it let out. It smelt just like perfume/aftershave. It really was strong and even a few hours after wearing them, the smell was still there!! My husband decided to see if his socks smelt like it too and to his surprise they did smell a little bit like the musk that was let out by Shoe Fresh. Both me and my husband were very impressed with this product and will definitely be using it more on more shoes and trainers around the house. The best thing is, while you spray it into your shoes or trainers, the smell also emits into the air around you so it will leave not only your footwear smelling fresh but your room also. Fantastic Product.

The second product I would like to review is Combi Cleaner. The reason why I liked this product very much was because you can use it on many different leathers. Combi Cleaner is a remarkable cleaning mousse for all leathers, synthetics and textiles. The Combi Cleaner helps remove dirt, salt, water and many other stains leaving different leathers fresh and clean. This product is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is shake the can. Hold the can upright so the mousse can easily come out onto a sponge or cloth. Before you do this, remember to test the mousse on a conspicuous spot first then rub the stain before treating the whole item and leave it to dry. Fantastic to use on all leathers.



The third product I will be reviewing is White Liquid. White Liquid is a liquid for white leathers As I myself do not have any white leathers, I decided to try it out on my sons trainers. In the picture to the left, you can see that they were a little dirty at first and not so white. When I used this product, I found that it polished up the shoe but there was still a little bit of dirt coming through. The product smells great and works well for minor stains but if you wish to use the liquid on a surface, be sure to clean the product properly by sticking it in the washing machine or washing it by hand. You can see that the White liquid did work well leaving the trainer a brighter shade of white.The product is really easy to use. Just dab the sponge lightly onto the shoe/trainer or white leather and see the colour change. Leave the item to dry before use.


The fourth and final product that I am going to review is Protector 3 X 3. Protector 3 X 3 is a highly effective waterproofing spray for all smooth, suede and nubuck leathers as well as textiles including breathable membranes. I sprayed this product onto my suede ankle boots while I was out in the rain and it worked really well. My boots remained dry and the spray was invisible! Protector 3 X 3 is absolutely fantastic as it repels snow, mud, dirt and prevents the formation of snow or water stains. What more could you ask for? This will leave your brand new or even old shoes looking exactly as they were before you even left your house.  Protector 3 X 3 is also PFOA/PFOS free.Again using this product could not get any more easier. Just spray it approximately 15-20 cm away from the product and leave to dry. Repeating this will enhance the protective effect.


Surprisingly after receiving four different products, I have not found a fault in either of them.


The products arrived tightly packed together in perfect condition. I was happy to receive these product and review them as they were all spectacular products. Definitely worth the buy. Couldn’t ask for any better products.


Overall Rating:
I rate all of the above four product from WOLY 10/10 for all their fantastic advantages and no disadvantages. The above four products are highly recommended and definitely worth the buy.


Check out their website for more details:

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